Multiplex N2 - Fusion Nitrogen Infusion System

2016 Kitchen Innovation Award recipient

  • Inline Nitrogenation – N2-Fusion allows for both still drinks and nitrogenated drinks to be poured from a common source (keg) with its patented in-line nitrogenator, reducing product cost and time (kegs can take up to 14 hours to nitrogenate by traditional infusion methods.
  • Engaging – N2-Fusion’s nitro dispense creates a true “theater of the pour” with a soft, frothy head and a waterfall effect that fascinates customers and drives higher ticket purchases.
  • Integrated – N2-Fusion is a fully integrated, standalone system requiring just a source of food-grade nitrogen and the beverage you wish to dispense. The refrigerated base insures that product is kept below 41*F for a cool, consistent pour.
  • Inclusive – N2-Fusion isn’t just about coffee! All kinds of beverages, from teas to juices to cocktails can be infused with nitrogen for a delicious, unique experience that customers will share online with friends.
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Multiplex N2 - Fusion Nitrogen Infusion System
W x D x H 273/16" x 2811/32" x 50"
69.1cm x 72cm x 127cm
Weight 205 lb
93 kg
Power Output 1430.00 BTUs
Primary Power Input 230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH
Certifications CULNSFUL

Owner Instruction Manual

N2Fusion™ Nitrogen Beverage Dispenser

Service Bulletin

MPX-094 (Replacement Tubing)

MPX-100 (N2Fusion™ Nitrogenator PRV)

MPX-102 (N2Fusion Keg Collar Installation)

MPX-104 (Dispense Nozzle Replacement)

MPX-105 (Shut Down Procedure)

MPX-107 (N2Fusion Loose Tap Collars)

MPX-108 (N2fusion Regulator Pressure Adjustment)

MPX-110 (N2Fusion New Keg Dip Tubes)

MPX-114 (N2Fusion Before Calling Service)

MPX-115 (N2Fusion Axial Flow Pump)

MPX-116 (N2Fusion Axial Flow Pump O-ring)

MPX-117 (N2Fusion Filter Cleaning Brush)

MPX-118 (N2Fusion Open PRV Valve)

MPX-123 (N2Fusion Cabinet Freezing)

MPX-127 (N2Fusion Relocation Thermostat Bulb)

MPX-139 (Roto Tap Valve)

MPX-140 (Capacitive Liquid Detection Device (LDD)

MPX-141 (N2Fusion Pump & Motor Asm)

Specification Sheets

Nitro Dispensing System

Nitro Dispensing System-Remote Mount


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