Beer Systems

Multiplex Beverage Systems

Multiplex beer systems provide everything you need for fast, smooth draws for maximum productivity and profits with more beer and less foam!

Choose from 100's of designs of conventional and specialty beer towers in brass, chrome, stainless steel and ceramic finishes. We offer complete, custom systems utilizing components that set the industry standard for getting great tasting beer from the keg to the customer.

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  • Beermaster System
    • Refrigeration Unit, Conduit, Beer dispensing towers
  • Flojet Air/Gas Operated Beer Pumps
    • G56 Series
  • Picnic Pumps
    • Sankey, Bronco
Beer Parts
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Beer Pumps
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Beer Systems
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Bar Guns
Multiplex's Post-mix Bar Gun comes complete with installation hardware, mounting and gun holder.
Beer Gas Blender Kits
Multiplex offers Gas Blender Kits to complete your beer system install. Blended gas is required when the applied keg pressure exceeds 16 psig (for distances over 60 ft or net vertical lift over 15 ft).
Beer Tavern Heads
Multiplex offers a variety of Tavern Heads to complete your beer system install.
Chill-Pak Super Chillers
The Chill-Pak Energy Cell has no moving parts, and yet can provide dramatic improvements to beer temperature. Inside the Chill-Pak is a specially molded cold plate, which has both beer lines and glycol lines. The glycol from the power pack chills the cold plate to the predetermined temperature. As the beer passes through the cold plate, it transfers excess heat to the cold plate, resulting in consistently colder beer regardless of variations in the storage temperature of the beer.
Empty Beer Detector
This high tech Empty Beer Detector stops beer flow immediately as a keg empties, both at the keg and at the tap. This eliminates the spitting and spraying that usually happens when a keg "blows". With the Empty Beer Detector, the bartender knows it's time to change kegs when the beer stops flowing at the tap.


Bronco Pump Parts

Faucet Parts

Nitrogen Regulator Parts

Picnic Pumps with Single Valves

Single Valve Taps

Installation Guide

Flojet G56 Flow Reversal Valve

Flojet G56 series CO2/Air Driven Beer Pump

Service Bulletin

MPX-094 (Replacement Tubing)

MPX-139 (Roto Tap Valve)

MPX-163 Beverage Equipment Shut Down RestartMPX-163

Specification Sheets

Flojet G56 series CO2/Air Driven Beer Pump


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