Enhanced Sanitation Solutions

Dispensing drinks in a sanitary environment

Multiplex/Servend Beverage dispenser have been designed with cleanliness and sanitation as a top priority. All dispenser come with a sanitary lever option that makes serving a drink almost touch free. Panels are made of stainless steel which is easy to clean and sanitize with standard cleaning chemicals. All equipment has cleaning instructions in each manual recommending cleaning products that are commonly used in locations that serve food products. 

Our new Fresh Blender® has automated clean in place system and sanitizes the blending area after each dispense.   

The information below includes some more details on sanitation that gives you all the cleaning information that you need to keep your beverage equipment safe and clean for your customers to enjoy refreshing beverages.
Beverage sanitation solutions

Enhanced Sanitation through Built In Features  

Advanced Controller


All our units offer Sanitary lever valves Sanitary lever valves are designed with NSF-listed sanitation requirements.  This valve eliminates contact with the lid of cup for added sanitation. 

Auto Sanitize blend chamber - Fresh Blender  After each drink is blended the blend chamber rinses and sanitizes the area so no cross contamination occurs between drinks.

LOW MAINTENANCE CLEAN IN PLACE SYSTEM ON THE FRESH BLENDER  For both daily and weekly cleaning the Fresh Blender touch screen walks you through step by step what you need to clean the unit and how to clean it.  

BUILT IN CLEANING STEPS ON THE BIC UNIT  From the easyTouch® screen it walks you through step by step each step of the daily and weekly cleaning processes.

ALL PRODUCTS HAVE CLEANING PROCESS IN THEIR MANUALS  Manuals for all our equipment includes step by step how to clean the units.
Freshblender Touchscreen
Sanitary Blend Chamber

Enhanced Sanitation through Add On Features  

Cleaner and Sanitizer
Flomatic sanitary lever valve
NSF-listed lever design meets sanitation requirements.  Eliminates contact with lid of cup for added sanitation.  Flexible lever for maximum durability

Cleaner and Sanitizer
Manitowoc Sanitizer and De-scaler
Cleaner/De-scaler removes lime scale and mineral deposits from machine components. Sanitizer is used at least once every six months to remove algae, biofilm growth and to disinfect the machine. Meets EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 (cause of COVID-19).

Check out our EPA Sanitation Flyer >

Self-serve shield
Self-Serve Shield
Limit the amount of airborne particles that can hit the valve and dispense areas.

Download flyer >

Arctic Pure
This two-stage system removes sediments like sand, rust and dirt. In stage two, the water filter traps microorganisms, polymers, chlorine and minerals to ensure a better tasting ice.

Manitowoc add ons
Additional Manitowoc Sanitation
Manitowoc ice machines offer a wide variety of enhanced sanitation solutions specifically for the ice machines used by Multiplex. Everything from auto cleaning to UV light sanitation. 

Check out all the Manitowoc enhanced ice machine sanitation solutions >

Enhanced Sanitation through Best Practices  

Shutdown and Restarting Procedures - 

For shutting down and restarting an ice machine, follow the key steps below for each product:

Beverage Equipment shut down and restart procedure
BIC Manual Fill Shut down and Restart procedure 
BIM Manual Fill Shut down and Restart procedure
FreshBlender Shut down and Restart procedure
N2Fusion (Nitro) Shut down and restart procedure

Please refer to guidelines outlined in each specific product manual for detailed instructions.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Resources:

Beverage Dispenser Cleaning instructions:

Dispenser Cleaning instructions pdf

Ice Bin Cleaning/Sanitizing Procedure to be performed a minimum of once every six months
  • The dispenser and bin must be disassembled, cleaned and sanitized (See Disassembly in this section).
  • All ice produced during the cleaning and sanitizing procedures must be discarded.
  • Removes mineral deposits from areas or surfaces that are in direct contact with water.

Clean and sanitize the ice bin:

  1. Unplug unit and remove all ice from the ice bin.
  2. Mix a solution of mild detergent to clean the dispenser bin and components.
  3. Wash the ice bin using a sponge and the mild detergent solution.
  4. Using the mild detergent solution and a soft bristle brush or clean cloth, clean the dispenser parts
  5. Rinse all the parts in clean, running water.
  6. Prepare approximately 2 gallons (7.6 liters) of sanitizing solution by mixing 1/2 ounce (15 ml) of household bleach (that contains 5.25% sodium hypochlorite) with 2 gallons (7.6 liters) of 120°F water. The mixture must not exceed 100 PPM of chlorine. Or mix a solution of any approved sanitizer, following the directions for mixing and applying the sanitizer.
  7. Sanitize the ice bin and cold plate with the sanitizing solution for at least 10 seconds.
  8. Allow to air dry. Do not rinse.
  9. Re-assemble the dispenser parts in order
  10. Hand tighten all knurled fasteners.
  11. Pour in fresh, sanitary ice and replace the plastic lid on the top of the dispenser.
  12. Plug in the unit’s electrical cord.
  13. Check for proper ice dispensing.

Enhanced Sanitation through Quick Ship Program  

Multiplex parts & accessories are available for immediate shipment via our service network KitchenCare.


BIC Zone 1 Cleaning

BIC Zone 2 Cleaning

BIC Zone 3 Cleaning

FreshBlender Cleaning Daily - Short

FreshBlender Cleaning Weekly - Long

FreshBlender Cleaning Weekly - Short

Self Serve Shield Video


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